WCMISST “the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Techniques” was created by Dr Sang Ho Lee in Hawai in 2008. The event was a great success gathering participants from the whole world and showing to all that our great friend Dr Sang Ho was a true visionary, starting the momentum toward patients and specialists expectation of less invasive, more efficient, spine procedures.

Meetings followed on the same concept every other even year, in Vegas in 2010, Brazil 2012, Paris 2014. The Paris event brought a wider scope (mini fusion, biology, vertebral augmentation…) and CME recognition.

The 2016 event was a return to the Korean sources and the meeting of the maturity. The WCMISST association was created to gather the specialists from all over the world and to keep the spirit of high level, focussed, international exchanges and promote the acceptance of MISS around the world, as initiated by dr Sang Ho Lee.

The association is open as a non profit organization to anyone involved in less invasive spine care. Given the fast pace of innovation, an intermediate expert meeting was created on an uneven year to be due in may 2017 in Paris, and the Association is fully committed in helping and promoting further events in the spirit of MISS.

For more information on WCMISST association, please visit http://www.wcmisst.net/